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Earn Healthpoints and Get Rewarded with HPB

It’s the beginning of the year and health and fitness goals are likely to be the top of your New Year resolutions! We all know the importance of keeping fit and eating well and that is why we take up gym memberships and choose healthier food. The good news is that with Health Promotion Board’s (‘HPB’) Healthpoints Loyalty Programme, you can now earn Healthpoints that can be exchanged for eVouchers to be used for dining, shopping and more!

What is HPB’s Healthpoints Loyalty Programme?

The HPB’s Healthpoints Loyalty Programme is an integrated rewards programme that is common across various HPB activities such as the “Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy Challenge”, “National Steps Challenge™” and HealthHub. Complete various activities by joining these programmes to earn Healthpoints. Accumulate these Healthpoints and use them to redeem eVouchers from a variety of lifestyle retailers, F&B outlets and supermarkets.

How To Earn Healthpoints?

To turn your healthy actions into exciting rewards with Healthpoints, you need to first download the Healthy 365 or the HealthHub mobile app. These are available on both the Apple and Google Play store.

After you have downloaded the mobile app, remember to register your profile and sign up for the HPB programmes.

A)   National Steps ChallengeTM Season 4 

If you have an active lifestyle and take plenty of steps daily, you may find the National Steps Challenge™ Season 4 a simple platform to earn Healthpoints. Sign up for the National Steps ChallengeTM, pair your fitness tracker with the Healthy 365 app and you are all set to go!

With your paired fitness tracker, you can now sync the number of steps onto the mobile app. For example, every 10,000 steps you take in a day earns you 40 Healthpoints!

Once you have unlocked Tier 2 of the Steps category and also completed a Health Declaration form, you will be able to earn daily Healthpoints from Moderate to Vigorous Intensity Physical Activities (MVPA) as well. This will double your efforts to earn Healthpoints to redeem HPB and merchant eVouchers.

B)   Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy Challenge

Besides walking 10,000 steps a day, why not go the extra mile and opt for low-sugar drinks and food products with the Healthier Choice Symbols under the Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy Challenge? Here is how your Healthpoints can potentially tally up:

Opt for groceries with the Healthier Choice Symbol at participating supermarkets such as FairPrice, Sheng Siong and Cold Storage. At participating merchants such as Kopitiam or Foodfare, ask for zero or less sugar on your drink/dessert. You can also choose healthier dishes that have less calories. As long as you purchase qualifying meals or drinks, you will be issued a receipt with a QR code. Simply scan the QR codes on these receipts with the Healthy 365 app to unlock Healthpoints!

C) HealthHub

Download the HealthHub mobile app and sign up as a member to start earning Healthpoints! Level up your knowledge by completing health quizzes on the app under “Quiz Time” and earn Healthpoints while you learn more about health.

Redeem Healthpoints!

Patiently accumulate your Healthpoints* and redeem them for your desired reward. For instance, simply use 750 Healthpoints to redeem a $5 HPB eVoucher that can be used at more than 1,500 participating outlets, including KOI, FairPrice and many more!

You can also opt to auto-redeem your Healthpoints for TransitLink eVouchers or TapForMore points so you will not lose them when they expire!

Start Earning Healthpoints Today!

With Healthpoints, you now have an extra reason to make your health a priority in 2019. There are so many activities that you can do or already do in your daily lives to easily earn Healthpoints and exchange them for exciting rewards. Wait no more and download these mobile apps so that you can be rewarded for your healthy living actions with HPB.

Find out more about Healthpoints here and start earning today!


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