Transport & Motoring

3 Car Accessories Worth Spending On

1. DASHBOARD CAMERAS UNIQUE SELLING POINT: A dashboard camera has the ability to record any unforeseen events. PRODUCT PRICE RANGE: Quality dashboard cameras can cost you hundreds of dollars. However, the cheapest one I saw was S$10 in Lazada. The dashboard camera, better known as dash cam, is an on-board camera that continuously records the view of the vehicle’s exterior or interior. It can be attached in many spots including on the dashboard or on the windshield. Due to its


Marriage & Family

Father’s Day Gifts To Make This Instant

You do not have to burn your allowance to show how special your father is! On that note, here are some DIY gift ideas that you can make at the last minute: #1: A MONEY TREE I have to admit! Men can be tough to shop for at times. For instance, my father has a set of criteria clothing articles. Everything he purchases must tick all the boxes! To prevent disappointing him, it is easier to hand over some cash.


Lifestyle & Hobbies

Efficient Ways To Socialize On A Budget

You do not have to miss every opportunity to socialize because of your tight budget! Here are some tricks that you may follow to keep both your finances and friends happy: #1: EMPLOY THE HONESTY SYSTEM In Philosophy, the “honesty system” refers to endeavours ran based on trust and honor. Rules are typically applied to stay honest. Establish a similar system by sorting out your financial circumstance with the people who matter to you. Opt for the economically sound choices


Travel & Entertainment

Must-Have Travel Essentials Under S$20

PASSPORT CASES Imagine spilling liquid droplets on the first page of your passport. What is more? Your flight is a few hours away! How can you travel now? Well, this frightening scenario happened to me before. Prevent this from happening to you buy purchasing a passport case. Keep your valuable identification piece dry and clean by getting a passport case for as low as S$2 at Daiso. EYE MASKS If you are greatly affected by beaming lights or vivid stimulations,


Career & Salary

How To Strike A Balance Between Work And Personal Life

These past few days, I had the luxury to tune out all my worries and to immerse myself in a 3-day vacation. This brief retreat sent my state of mind into its reset mode. My renewed self became more efficient in the workplace. I, for one, believe in creating a balance between work and personal life. The core of balancing these two areas is satisfying both your sense of achievement and your hunger for enjoyment. Achievement is gained through growth