Lifestyle & Hobbies

7 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Weekend

Who says you need to break the bank to have an awesome weekend? Here are seven weekend ideas that you can dive into: 1: CREATE A SCAVENGER HUNT Spice up your weekend by creating an exciting scavenger hunt. Start by gathering group of people in one area. Then, divide the group into two. Act as the game master who will hide all the items around the vicinity. Add an exciting twist to your scavenger hunt by letting each player bring



Boost Your Financial Life By Creating A Reverse Bucket List

Whether you want to lead a simple life or an extravagant one, having financial goals gives you direction. It steers your focus on the things that you want to achieve at a particular time-frame. It has the power to make you more hopeful about the future. However, having financial goals may not work for everyone. You see, others can get frustrated upon seeing the milestones that they have not achieved yet. Do not worry! There is a solution. Look at


Marriage & Family

How To Deal With 3 Divorce-Inducing Money Issues

In the hustle and bustle of the city life, Singaporeans are exposed to the high economic pressures. What makes this concrete jungle thrive? Money, of course. Putting matrimony into the mix makes things more complicated. Managing money is a complex task fraught with emotion. It is natural that conflicts can arise from time to time. To keep your marriage and finances in tact, open communication and teamwork are essential. If only more couples are having regular conversations about money issues


Phones & Utilities

Save With Certainty On Senoko Energy LifePower24 Fixed Rate Plan

The Open Electricity Market (OEM) has allowed households to switch from SP Group to other retailers to trim their electricity bills. While this has been a fantastic ride so far, it would be even better if households can make the switch with certainty on the following: Knowing the unit rate to be paid across the entire duration of the contract Enjoying the highest saving rate across the type of plans available With so many fixed rate plans being offered in


Career and Enterprising

3 Key Digital Marketing Tips to Drive Sales

Every business needs an effective marketing strategy to meet sales objectives. As we are progressing tremendously into the technological world, it is imperative that businesses leverage the digital realm to speak to their target markets in more effective ways. Here are three useful digital marketing tips you should consider as part of your overall sales strategy. Build an SEO-friendly website Having an online presence is the basic necessity to thrive in the digital world. With 4.92 million internet users in