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Beat The Rushed Deadlines With These 4 Tips

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Singapore’s highly competitive society values the ability to work at a faster rate. The problem with focusing on urgency is the maintenance of quality. You may question whether there are smarter ways to get things done quickly without sacrificing premium standards. For starters, you can consider adding these four tips to your work or academic routine.


Be honest with yourself! Are you an early bird or a nocturnal owl? The good news is, either of these personas can work to your favor. Determine the specific time of the day when you are most productive. Exhaust your creative juices to the important tasks and use your “low-energy hours” to fulfill less essential tasks such as household chores.


Parkinson’s Law is among the most relevant concepts in business. It highlights that “work expands to fill the time available for its completion”. In other words, the effort you exert on a task stretches to suit the allotted time. Work at a quicker pace by setting a clear schedule. Doing this will motivate you to beat the clock!

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It goes without saying that procrastination is an enemy during crunch time. It is best to eliminate all the possible distractions that are within your reach. Please toss your handphone and other electronics on the side. To power through a long period of concentration, you may increase the volume of your preferred music. Jazz and classical tracks may soothe your mood to focus better on the tasks.


No matter what you are working on, you can always breakdown the process into smaller chunks. Examining each step aims to make an efficient progress. Furthermore, your “mini victories” will motivate you along the way.

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Imagine that you have to write an essay as a Poly student. The first step is to choose an interesting topic. Secondly, you need to do an extensive research and make a rough outline. Thirdly, you must accomplish a draft. The fourth step is to edit and review your draft. Lastly, you must proofread and print your assignment. Tackle the task…one step at a time!

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