Travel & Entertainment

4 Airline Tips To Live Your Best Travel Life

Maximize your money while traveling by following these four airline tips the next time you book a flight! SHOP WITHOUT TAX It’s always a blessing to acquire your favorite perfumes or purses without having to think about the tax attached to it. Try heading to the airport’s duty-free store to enjoy purchasing items without tax. Do this if you want to dispose your leftover foreign currency when traveling internationally. Without a doubt, prices for certain goods vary by country and


Marriage & Family

Save Time And Money By Following These Food Hacks

As much as we want to prepare delicious and healthy meals for our entire family, doing so can be a quite a chore! This is why some of us opt to order in or to eat out. However, this can lead to an increased spending and to an unhealthy lifestyle. The solution is to find ways to save yourself money and time while prepping your meals. Start with these simple food hacks: #1: EGGSPIRED Equipped with a shopping list in


Credit & Loan

4 Reasons Why You’re Stuck In Debt

Are you drowning in yesteryear’s debt? You are probably pessimistic about your financial future. Eventually, all these bills may push you to your boiling point. When this happens, a fresh start is essential. Start by being aware of the reasons why your pile of debt exists. Then, do the necessary actions to eliminate it. YOU ARE ADDICTED TO SHOPPING Whether you call it shopping addiction or retail therapy, you simply cannot control your spending habits. It is harmful to associate


Career and Enterprising

How To Efficiently Evaluate Your Boss

It is not uncommon for a boss to continually evaluate your output and etiquette. While this happens, you are also evaluating him or her. Your mind automatically makes assumptions and perceptions about a person, even if you do not realize it. To aid in the smooth stream of operations between the employees and the employers, transparency is needed. Evaluate your boss efficiently by following these tips. COMMUNICATION SKILLS Keeping the lines open between the employer and the employee can help



Is It Worth Getting A Variable Universal Life Insurance (VUL)?

As I was searching for a life insurance to protect myself and my family, I came across a type of product through the help of my financial advisor. She recommended getting the Variable Universal Life (VUL) insurance policy. I was drawn by the unique fusion of life insurance and investment. For those of you who are unfamiliar with VUL, it is a type of life insurance policy with a built-in savings component (cash value). The cash value can be invested