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Turn your spending into miles, cash backs and other exclusive perks. Credit cards can be a way to stretch your dollar further when used responsibly. Pay them in full every month so that you do not incur any charges, and at the same times accumulate reward points, miles and rebates! From now till 31 December, you get extra sign-up bonus in addition to the bank’s welcome gift when you apply for these cards here. Sign up for any of the


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Where to get Cheap T-Shirt Printing in Singapore?


Where to get Cheap T-Shirt Printing in Singapore?  Printing T Shirts in Singapore is definitely one tasks that many people have experienced. This is no surprise as t-shirts and apparels are customizable items that is commonly used for CCA t-shirts, events, corporate wear, promotional and many more uses. Many people prefer t-shirts when casually dressed in Singapore. It is a very common perception that t-shirts give a casual look and are very comfortable. T-shirts can serve as perfect giveaways and getting same t-shirts



With up to 14% returns, consider Peer-to-Peer Lending in your investment portfolio

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Alternative investments are gaining popularity due to the high returns that they potentially yield. One such alternative investment that is worth looking at is peer-to-peer(P2P) lending or commonly known as debt-based crowdfunding. The concept is simple – small and medium business owners looking for funds to expand their businesses take up business loans which are crowdfunded by investors. The interest paid  back by the businesses is the return on investment for the investors. Funding Societies is a licensed and approved



Asia’s Interesting Superstitions Surrounding Money

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Proud of its value for racial harmony, Singapore is a country that fuses people from different nationalities. Each nationality has formed a culture built on their own set of practices, rituals, and beliefs. Said beliefs do not have to be logical all the time as superstitions exist. Some of the superstitions surround heavy issues like money. If you are interested to learn more about the Asian diversity in financial superstitions, continue reading this article. IN JAPAN The eccentric country of


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Tips On Balancing 2 Jobs While Maintaining Sanity

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In Singapore, it is not uncommon to hold two or more jobs. You may quickly browse thru your social media profiles to observe how some people seem to do it all. What you do not see behind the lenses is its challenging nature. It is difficult to balance several fulfilling commitments while maintaining your sanity! On that note, here are some sensible tips that may help: #1: ACCEPTANCE Whatever career path you may take, your mindset echoes the way you