Personal Finance

How To Teach Children About Financial Choices

As a parent, you must guide your children’s path to financial independence. Fortunately for you, there are available online tools that can help. Start knowing your teen’s financial personality through the Financial Identity Quiz. It is a research-based tool for teens and young adults aged 16 to 24. After determining your child’s designated identity, you must discuss its advantages and disadvantages. Give some scenarios to help them decide better. IDENTITY 1: THE PATHFINDER As the name suggests, Pathfinders are committed


Phones & Utilities

Save With Certainty On Senoko Energy LifePower24 Fixed Rate Plan

The Open Electricity Market (OEM) has allowed households to switch from SP Group to other retailers to trim their electricity bills. While this has been a fantastic ride so far, it would be even better if households can make the switch with certainty on the following: Knowing the unit rate to be paid across the entire duration of the contract Enjoying the highest saving rate across the type of plans available With so many fixed rate plans being offered in


Career and Enterprising

3 Key Digital Marketing Tips to Drive Sales

Every business needs an effective marketing strategy to meet sales objectives. As we are progressing tremendously into the technological world, it is imperative that businesses leverage the digital realm to speak to their target markets in more effective ways. Here are three useful digital marketing tips you should consider as part of your overall sales strategy. Build an SEO-friendly website Having an online presence is the basic necessity to thrive in the digital world. With 4.92 million internet users in


Marriage & Family

Parenthood Tips and Essentials From The NTUC Good Start Bundle

What is the NTUC Good Start Bundle Being a parent is truly one of life’s most blissful moments. While parenthood can be incredibly exciting, there are likely to be some challenges along the way as well. To better equip parents embarking on this journey, NTUC and its social enterprises have partnered the Embracing PArenthood Movement to put together the NTUC Good Start Bundle. It consists of necessities, parenthood tips and perks that will benefit any parent with a newborn. How


Here’s a Taobao Hack - Get paid while shopping on Taobao!

What is the ShopBack Button and can it really save you money? If you haven’t heard of the ShopBack Button, you really are missing out on a lot and by a lot, we mean cash. The ShopBack Button is a browser extension that saves you money while online shopping on Taobao, Agoda, Foodpanda, Qoo10, ASOS & more! For those of you familiar with the ShopBack, you may have forgotten to click through ShopBack’s website or may have purchased a store