4 things to expect when you invest in P2P lending

Peer-to-peer lending, or P2P lending, utilizes technology and big data to connect investors and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking for business funding. To investors, it provides them with an opportunity to earn passive income by financing business loans for SMEs. In Southeast Asia, P2P lending has witnessed significant growth in recent years, led predominantly by Singapore. To date, around 60 platforms are currently operating in the online lending and crowdfunding space, which have become an increasingly popular alternative investment


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Surefire Ways To Save Money Aside From Quitting The Lottery

One of the pastimes that my father has passed on to us was betting on the lottery. Whether you are an avid fan of the 4D or TOTO, many people believe that winning these can give them a shot to be a crazy rich Asian overnight. Reality check! That is not the case for many of us. In fact, a recent Facebook post showed that you can earn a significant amount of money by saving your “lottery funds”. Eilin Tan


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Cleaning Queen Marie Kondo’s Guide To A Joyful Home

As “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” debuted early this year, cleaning queen Marie Kondo went from a best-selling author to a Netflix star. Viewers were inspired by the KonMari method and started cleaning up their own messes at home. However, what stood out was her specific way of folding clothes. Aside from the special way of folding clothes, here are some tips that you can employ to spark joy in your home. INSTILL RESPONSIBILITY ON EVERYONE As parents, is your


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4 Ways To Dine With Theme In Singapore

Whether you believe it or not, themed restaurants and other eateries go way back. Its roots can be traced from the burlesque cabarets of 19th-century Paris. While many concepts are challenging to pull off, many talented people have turned it into reality! Take the following unique eateries as concrete examples. FOR THE FANS OF F.R.I.E.N.D.S The creators of the wildly popular American sitcom FRIENDS were supposed to name the show: “Insomnia Café”. They later kept it simple and picked the


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Cashback VS Air Miles: Which Credit Card Would You Choose?

With the many credit cards that banks has to offer, deciding on a specific card has many factors and considerations. However, making such decisions all boils down to your lifestyle needs and your expenditure. There has been many debates with regards to Cashback and Air Miles rebates – one of the 2 top categories that people choose when deciding on a credit card, and if you wish to sign up for one in the near future, do read on as