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Get up to S$600 worth of vouchers (NTUC, Takashimaya, etc) when you apply for any of these credit cards!


There’s no better time to apply for a credit card. Forget road shows –  for the first time ever, you can receive up to S$600 worth of NTUC, Takashimaya, CapitalandMall and TungLok vouchers in addition to the bank’s sign-up promotion when you sign up for any of these credit cards. Whether you want to enjoy cash back or accumulate miles, credit card when used responsibly can be a way to stretch your dollar further. Wouldn’t it be great to save a little



Secrets to becoming a profitable trader in the forex market


Every single day the number of retail traders in the forex market is increasing at an exponential rate. If you look at the professional traders then you will see that every single one of them is trading the live assets after learning the market basics perfectly. Unlike the professional traders at Saxo, the novice traders consider forex trading as a get rich quick scheme and ultimately lose money in real life trading. Forex trading Singapore is very much popular nowadays


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Delicious And Affordable Dishes From Themed Eateries In Singapore

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Did you know edible helium balloons ever existed in Singapore? Well, it does! It exists along with other unique dishes offered at themed restaurants and cafes. Themed eateries usually go above and beyond the average dining experience. If you are looking for something that steps outside of the box, keep your self entertained at these four establishments: THE FIRST OF ITS KIND In most situations, we bring more importance to the first and recent thing that we encountered. This is



Exploring different types of high-quality trading strategy

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Trading the Forex market is all about triggering your brain in the right path. When you are in the Forex market you should be capable enough to think all the aspects of trading. You cannot just look into one factor and enter the trade because the market is highly competitive. You would have searched through many articles and books related Forex strategies but make sure the strategy you use should be something which works for you. As an example, the


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Overcoming 3 Financial Issues That Young Singaporeans Face

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We encounter several new hurdles as young adults. We no longer receive a daily allowance from our parents and we have to pay the bills. Not to mention, our financial capabilities are seemingly low at the start of our careers. On that note, here are three financial issues that young Singaporeans face and ways to overcome each one… ISSUE #1: LACK OF FINANCIAL KNOWLEDGE We cannot deny the fact that personal finance is rarely taught in schools. According to Kevin